Secure system – WITNESS

In a clinic for human reproduction, every day many patients are being cared for. Security protocols have been developed to avoid possible mistakes in the identification of the patients’ samples.

However, using traditional methods there is still a risk of confusion or error. Even though these risks are very low, the consequences of such an error for a couple are absolutely tremendous. The first error of this type that was mentioned in the scientific community took place in Manhattan (New York, USA) in 1987, and ever since various cases have been published in both scientific publications as in the regular media.

At Amnios we are aware of this fact and we have decided to establish an electronic sample coding system that reduces the chances of error to zero.

This system is already successfully being used in some of our neighbouring countries. In Madrid, Amnios is the first clinic to implement this technology.

Functioning of the Witness system

Step 1

Each patient is handed an ID card with his/her personal details.

Witness-con-tarjetaStep 2

Each time the patient visits Amnios In Vitro Project for the retrieval of any type of sample, of sperm or egg cells, the personal patient card is read in the Witness system.

Lector-de-WitnessStep 3

Each test tube, dish or slide that is used in the lab is provided with an electronic label that is associated with the card that the patients have introduced.

witness1Step 4

Each time a lab procedure is carried out, the correct order is verified and it is checked that this procedure corresponds to the right patients, through systems that read the label on each tube, dish or slide. These radio frequency systems have been tested and are completely safe for the embryos.

Step 5

On the day of the embryo transfer, the patients insert their card again to identify themselves to avoid any errors. Thanks to this system, Amnios In Vitro Project is the first Assisted Reproduction clinic in Madrid to be able to offer complete security that the sperm samples, egg cells or embryos have not been mixed up during the different treatment procedures.