ROPA Method

¿Os gustaría tener hijos a través
de la maternidad compartida?

ROPA Method

¿Os gustaría tener hijos a través
de la maternidad compartida?


What is the ROPA method?

Also called “shared maternity”, it is an exclusive treatment for married couples of women who want to be mothers and both want to be participants in the process. One woman will provide the eggs and the other woman will carry of the embryo.
Método Ropa

Tests to be carried
out before the process.

It must be done:
It must be done:

First consultation

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Phases of the procedure

Ovarian stimulation

Hormones (GnRH analogues and gonadotropins) will be administered to the egg donor woman, while ultrasound checks are performed every few days to see how the follicles in both ovaries are growing.

Egg retrieval

Once the follicles have reached the desired number and size, the eggs are aspirated and sent to the laboratory for further selection. The egg retrieval is carried out in the operating room, under sedation and ultrasound control. The intervention is not painful, although it can be annoying.

In Vitro Fertilization

After selecting the most optimal eggs, they are observed for a couple of hours until they are fertilized with donor sperm using the ICSI technique.

Embryo Transfer

Once the ultrasound scan show that the endometrium is ready, the embryo transfer will be schedule. The gestating woman, who will also have undergone hormonal treatment, will receive the best quality embryo/s into the uterus. It is a quick and painless process.

Embryo Freezing

The good quality embryos generated that have not been transferred will be cryopreserved for the future.

Pregnancy test

15 days after the embryo transfer, a blood test will be performed on the gestating woman, which will indicate whether the treatment has been successful.

Not your first cycle?
Don’t give up

If you have already undergone an In Vitro Fertilization cycle and have not achieved the expected success, don’t be discouraged. That first cycle can give us a lot of information about how your ovaries and your eggs are working, and about what happens when eggs and sperm meet.

All this experience can be of great help to improve the procedures of subsequent cycles and improve the chances of pregnancy.

Have you already decided?

Start this unique process from now on, we help you throughout the process so that you feel comfortable and safe.

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