Dra. Noelia Valladolid
Dra. Noelia Valladolid

About Noelia

Psychologist at Amnios In Vitro Project.

Psychologist with broad experience in the field of relationship counselling as well as reproduction counselling. She has worked at important assisted reproduction clinics to help couples to solve many unwanted situations, as well as manage their experiences under the best possible conditions.

Academic background

Degree in Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2001. She continued her studies in Clinical Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and trained to become specialised in Psychotherapy and Forensic Psychology to value damage, psychological implications and mental health.

She is an expert in clinical hypnosis and between 2008 and 2011 she trained in Sexual and relationship counselling and Integrative psychotherapy through the Spanish Association for Clinical Sexology. The last years she has expanded her training and specialised in Gestalt therapy. Besides a large career as a private psychologist, she has also conducted studies and consultancy for the most important international pharmaceutical companies, mainly in the field of oncology and HIV.

Professional experience

The last years she has worked in the clinic for gynaecology and assisted reproduction Tambre in Madrid as specialist psychologist in fertility treatments.

She is a member of the permanent committee of the Psychology Interest group of the Spanish Fertility Society and currently teaching in the postgraduate course Psychology of assisted human reproduction at the Universidad de Barcelona.

Additional information

Her interest extends to the infinite emotional field that arises from experiencing maternity and paternity and sexual relationships. Furthermore, she collaborates with clinics specialised in infertility, offering treatment and psychological support for couples with troubles conceiving.