Our specialists in assisted reproduction

At Amnios in Vitro Project Madrid we can count on a team that is formed by reputed professionals and specialists in Assisted Reproduction, IVF and Artificial Insemination with great experience in reproductive medicine. The definite professional skills of our team are combined with the dedication and permanent and personal attention to our patients, aiming to transmit reassurance, confidence and tranquillity that are necessary to address an assisted reproduction project with the maximum guarantees, during which your well-being and the success of the treatment are the most important.

Medical Director in Amnios In Vitro Project

Gynecologist expert in Assisted Reproduction, with extensive experience in fertility

Meet Victoria
Dra. Marían Chavez - Clinica Amnios In Vitro Project

Medical Co-director

Gynaecologist with more than 10 years of experience in assisted reproduction

Meet Marian
Dr. Braulio Péramo - Clinica Amnios In Vitro Project

International Advisor

Gynaecologist with an international professional experience of over 15 years

Meet Braulio
Dra. Noelia Martínez - Clinica Amnios In Vitro Project


Expert gynaecologist in assisted reproduction with experience in the sector

Meet Noelia
Dr. Paco Guijarro - Clínica Amnios In Vitro Project


Expert biologist in assisted human reproduction

Meet Paco
Nerea Giménez - Enfermera en Clinica Amnios In Vitro Project


Nurse with broad experience in the field of Assisted Reproduction

Meet Nerea
Dr. Carlos Corbacho - Clínica Amnios In Vitro Project


Anaesthetist with broad experience in high-level hospitals

Meet Carlos
Dra. Noelia Valladolid - Clinica Amnios In Vitro Project


Psychologist with broad experience in relationship counselling and reproduction counselling

Meet Noelia