Compensation for costs of egg donation

On the day of the puncture to retrieve the egg cells, according to the law we can compensate the costs that the donor has had during the treatment due to travelling, time, etc. Obviously, this amount is only to cover these costs, because there would not be enough money in the world to pay the women who behave so generously to the women who need these egg cells. At least the egg donor should not incur in any costs. As we mentioned before, the current law on assisted reproduction of 2006 establishes in article 5 that it is possible to compensate the donor, even though the donation in itself is an altruistic act. Furthermore, the National Commission for Assisted Human Reproduction establishes the amounts that may be paid for this concept. If you make an appointment, we will explain the full process and the amount of the mentioned compensation during the informative visit. At Amnios In Vitro Project we aim to make our egg donors comfortable at any given moment and happy in every single aspect with this great act of kindness.