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Amnios In Vitro Project is a Clinic for Assisted Reproduction located in the heart of Madrid, established with the intention of offering all the treatments and services of Assisted Reproduction, In Vitro Fertilisation and Artificial Insemination, with the best technical quality possible, at the most affordable prices, in humane surroundings and with a completely personalised relation with our patients.

Come and meet us and tell us your project or reproduction challenges. We will advise you without any obligation. The first visit is free.

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Why Amnios?

El amnios es la membrana que envuelve y protege al embrión hasta el momento del parto. Amnios será la protección para tus embriones hasta el momento en que estén contigo de nuevo, en tu útero.


We will assess your case and we offer you a tailored treatment.

Continuous availability

We are at your disposal to help you in any situation.

Latest medical technology

We count on state-of-the-art medical equipment.

90% Success rate

We offer the best results and the best guarantees for success.


Beneficial ways to finance your treatment.

Humane and friendly treatment

You and the results of your treatment are the only things that matter to us.

Why choose us?

At AMNIOS we count on a team of professionals with a broad experience in reproductive medicine, and with state-of-the-art equipment which allow us to offer our patients the best results and the highest guarantees of success in our Assisted Reproduction treatments.

Our modern installations offer the adequate environment to transmit the confidence, security and comfort to our patients that are necessary throughout the treatment, so they know that their reproductive project is in safe hands, using excellent equipment. All this without forgetting that each patient needs to know at all times that she, and the success of the treatment, are the most important thing to us.

In our clinic we offer you the latest technology in Assisted Reproduction, In Vitro Fertilisation and Artificial Insemination, using systems like WITNESS, which is widely used in this field. Amnios however, is the first clinic in Madrid actually owning the equipment. Furthermore, we offer you a Fertility Study in a single visit, in which we analyse the basic factors that you need to achieve pregnancy.

Equipo Amnios Clínica de Fecundación In Vitro

Our medical team consists of renowned specialists in gynaecology with a broad experience in the field of assisted reproduction.

medical team
Sistema de seguridad Witness

Our clinic is the first one in Madrid with the Witness system, which avoids samples of semen, egg cells or embryos being mixed up or misplaced during the treatment.

Servicios Auxiliares de Amnios In Vitro Project

If you live outside Madrid we offer the possibility to manage all aspects of your trip so you only need to think of your treatment.

Auxiliary services

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If you have any questions about our clinic or any of our treatments, or if you are trying to get pregnant and you would like to inform yourself about the best option for you, tell us your case. Contact us or make an appointment for a free first consultation with our specialists.

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